July 2022

Day 12

Today we danced and played doge ball. After we played on the monkey bars and then we did the shake. After the shake we ate and drew. THE SUBJECT IS BOOKS AND HOPE. After we went to the computer lab and after sang. How did Anne Frank’s diary become one of the most read, most …

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Day 11

Today we played with the balls then as usual we sing some songs. Then we made shake then we drew then we went to the computer lab. Today subject: TIME What do you know about time?– One day is 24 hours– One minute 60 seconds– One hour 60 minutes– Quorte to, past and half past– …

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Day 10

Today we did Zumba and then we went on the monkey bars and played whit the balls. Then we made shake and then our five singers sang their favorite songs. Today subject: A Beautiful Day

Day 9

Today we danced and some of the student were the instructor we also played with the balls and after we played basketball. After we went to the computer lab and sang. After we went to make the shakes and after we drew. The subject was Passion.

Day 8

Started with Zumba. Children started to be at instructor position. We highlighted the importance of queuing. We recalled the meaning of the following words, with example:– body posture– coordination– in sync with music– isolation– musicality Water game. It was a great fun! We will do it every Friday! Please bring balloons and different water toys. …

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Day 7

In our class we have two girls from Spain Martha and Carol. Today we did Zumba and after we played with tennis balls. We played basketball Today subject: Do you follow any of these diets?

Day 6

Day 6 post was done by me, Alishia. Start with a little dance fitness, Zumba warm up. Practice with balls Subject of the day: what is happening in our bodies during exercise? Polar heart rate control using Polar Unite device, see the statistics here. Our artists are singing while we are making shakes and drawings. …

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Day 4

Our day started with Zumba, with counting.Practicing how to dribble the ball.As closing of the physical part we did some running, which we will do every day, adding a bit more day by day.We prepared our daily shake, the process getting quicker and quicker. Marta and Carol joined us from Spain, they will be with …

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