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Dat 34

Today we had just a few kids came to school. So participants had the opportunity to design the schedule of the day. We played a bit of basketball. We played with clay and watched movies. A bit of Tom and Jerry than The Ocean by National Geographic. Its all about the food chain. We decided …

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Day 32

Subject: preparing for the last day with parents Plan schedule8:30-10:00Make sure that your parent(s) come in comfortable sport clothes.Zumba. Select songs practice, how to involve parentsBasketball: Who plays? Parents? How to form the items? Who explains the roles?Singing: equipment need, charging, preparing. Songs? Order of singers? Be prepared that may there will be basketball going …

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Day 31

Today subject: a day with the parents Dear Parents, We kindly invite you to spend the last day of Our Healthy Lifestyle Summer SchoolWednesday 7th September 2022, you can join us from 8:30 till 12:00!Ms Katya’s little group will welcome parents from 10:45 till 12:00 See the invitation be Alishia Pace. Click here. Program:8:30-10:00 Playground. …

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Day 30

Today: exercise Create a post (category, tags, featured image) Add the following Shortcode: [ ] Add this between the gh_form id=”3″ Add any information to your post. (image, text, video, PowerPoint and a lot more) Related

Day 29

Link to the funnel: Here is our Shortcode: Today exercise: add our first Funnel to your post Create a post Add the following Shortcode: [ ] Add this between the gh_form id=”3″ Fill the form with your data, and check all the three emails Add any information to your post

Day 28

There are things that we know.There are things that we don’t know.There are things that we don’t know that we don’t know! This our schedule for today. Computer lab exercise for today You have maximum 50 minutes for this exercise Login to Create a new post Write the hour and minutes on the of …

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Day 27

Today subject: Make your own WordPress post. Login to Create a new post Add Title, category, tag and Featured image Upload a picture that you like, download one from the internet Write a short paragraph to explain why you like that picture Embed a YouTube video you like Write a short paragraph why you …

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Day 26

Today subject: healthy eating Our two groups teamed up for the second time to discuss about healthy eating and make some drawing, painting and colouring about. Join us on ZOOM, click here ZOOM meeting with Ms Katya. She gave us the activity to do.

Day 25

Today program: painting together. All the children picked a little friend from the little group and they were responsible to help and support them all day long. All “teams” were painting together.