Day 3

Started with a warm up song: “I just wanna feel this moment”. Click here to listen
All the kids were dancing a bit of merengue for the group.
We practiced how to dribble a ball.
Our three special guest singers from Miami were all singing their favorite song for us.
We used a Lumen device to check metabolism. The group learned that the human body can create energy from fat and/or carb.
We got a “home work“, question to answer, how long the food stays in our body.
The little group prepared melon pie.
The older group prepared shake also the shake for the little one, than we did our daily drawings.
We agreed that we all love to eat fish and luckily to buy fresh fish in Malta is super easy.
We visited the computer lab as the group really wanted to do that.
Katarina found her favorite book, you can see it online is here.
Everyone logged on his or her account. Using Eleina’s account we opened Outlook online and sent an email to Mr Bela together.
How to do: recipient’s email, optionally CC, BCC, Subject and body. Make sure to always write your messages in a correct way.
Please bring your login information with you next week!
Ps.: Eleina took the fresh fishes home, that Mr Bela bought at the Marsaskala market in the morning. She promised to cook them herself and to take picture while doing cooking. 🙂
See pictures, videos from today.

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  1. You reminded me that I had to go and buy fresh fish from this beautiful lady in Marsascala. These people work hard to deliver fresh food to our homes.

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